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Plain Truth: A Holy-Spirited Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

John Wesley believed that the gifts of the Spirit described in 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 were available to believers of all ages. Occasionally he preached or wrote on this topic. Nevertheless, he held, the gifts became far less common after the third century. Find out why in this episode. 

Apr 3, 2019

John Wesley was deeply opposed to slavery, as his "Thoughts Upon Slavery" makes abundantly clear. Nevertheless, he doesn't always deal directly with passages of Scripture that were often used in support of slavery. He most likely read these passages in light of the "general tenor" of Scripture, which allowed him to...

Apr 2, 2019

We recorded our first podcast in front of a live audience at the 2019 Spirit and Truth Conference at Stillwater UMC in Dayton, Ohio. At this event, we talked about the future of the global Methodist movement, and how we got where we are today in The United Methodist Church. 

Mar 25, 2019

John Wesley agreed with his friend George Whitefield on many things, but one topic on which they sharply disagreed was individual predestination. Wesley was an Arminian. Whitefield was a Calvinist. Wesley's sermon "Free Grace" shows how strong were his feelings about the matter. This rejection of...

Mar 18, 2019

Frank and Peggi Billman share a story of heartache and redemption as they relate their son's struggle with drug addiction and the overcoming of addiction with God's help. Today, their son Luke is about to become a United Methodist local pastor, but it's been a long road getting there.